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So many chests, so little time

I created a new little blog: Things My Gamer Says. My husband plays Borderlands 2 & Guild Wars 2 at the moment and we sit next to each other in bed while he plays. He has his headphones on, chatting away with the other members of his guilds, etc. I hear some crazy things come out of his mouth! Some are so funny I just had to document them. Follow if you like the absurd! ;)



Zuzka Light finally has DVDs! I’ve been following her for years. These are on my wish list for sure!

how zwoz? You do it and how your results?

kinczaa: I never did get her DVDs, but I was using her ZWOW series on YouTube for a while. I was documenting which workouts I’ve done and those I want to do on Pinterest. I experienced much success and quickly gained strength when I was doing ZWOWs. In the first week, I went from barely being able to do five push-ups to knocking out around twenty. I didn’t do measurements, but my clothes were fitting better and I was more trim around my abdomen. I had clear definition in my upper arms, too.

I moved into the upper unit of a duplex late last summer and fell out of the habit, though. I don’t want to jump around and disturb my neighbors and it’s always either uncomfortably cold or hot where I live, so I can’t do workouts outside. I’m working on figuring out a solution to this problem, though, because I miss the feeling of being active and becoming more fit!

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