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My husband wears a lot of graphic tees. Now, being male, he has little patience with neatly folded … anything. After years of dealing with messy piles of wrinkled shirts in his drawer, I gave in and searched online for solutions. The result is this, my modified version of this method. His shirts stay standing graphic-side-up so that he can always tell which shirt he’s grabbing.

  1. Lay shirt flat, graphic facing up.
  2. Pinch the fabric at the edge of the collar with one hand. Make a second pinch at the bottom of the shirt, in line with the first pinch, and lift. The graphic should be facing away from you, sleeve facing down. Lay back onto folding surface, graphic down.
  3. Fold the collar and bottom edge toward each other, graphic remaining on the outside. Lay back onto folding surface, graphic-side down. Fold sleeve in until flush with edge.
  4. Fold until the width matches that of the collar, keeping graphic facing down. I usually leave a finger-width of space on either side. I photographed this step facing up so you can see the width of the collar. If this helps you, you can flip the graphic facing up for this step. Just place it face-down before step 5.
  5. Fold collar-side in at just under a third of the length.
  6. Fold the final third and you’re done!

This is much easier than it seems with a little practice. Now I whip through that whole drawer in about three minutes and it stays tidy, even with just a few shirts left in the drawer.

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